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About Tamar's Work


In your session with Tamar, you may experience several different hands-on techniques. Some of these techniques may be very subtle and others may feel like massage techniques that you are familiar with.

Tamar has studied massage, neuro-muscular therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, Aston-Kinetics ®, visceral and neural manipulation. In addition, Tamar also studied at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Tamar's work is based on the osteopathic theory that everything in the body needs to be mobile to be healthy. Tamar will assess your situation and design your session to best address your unique needs. Your session will be a combination of any techniques in her “toolbox” that she thinks will be helpful.

Regardless of where you feel your focus is, your entire body will be assessed. There may be areas that are tight, stuck or not moving that you are not aware of and may be related to what you are feeling. Depending on what we discover during the assessment, Tamar will use techniques to address the areas most in need. If time allows, this work is usually followed by massage in order to integrate the changes that have been made.

Connective tissue, or fascia, takes time to change. You may feel differences right away or some time after the session.

  • Connective Tissue/myofascial work: These are hands on techniques that specifically address the connective tissue in the body or fascia. Fascia is everywhere in the body and can become restricted in ways that effect the entire structure. Working with the fascia can be very gentle or more intense, but always within a client's tolerance.
  • Cranial work, visceral and neural work: Fascia is everywhere in the body.  The connective tissue around the brain, spinal cord, organs or nerves need to be addressed as well as those associated with muscles. These areas are important when considering what is effecting the whole body.
  • Spiraling Deep Tissue Massage: The Aston-patterning® approach to massage is to respect the three dimensionality of the body. Aston massage is specific, accurate and flowing. It is deep without being compressive. •Movement coaching, ergonomics and fitness consulting: Tamar may teach specific exercises. She may discuss with you how you sit in your car or at your desk and give you suggestions as to how you may make changes in these or other activities. She may also look at stretches or exercises you are currently doing and give alternative options for achieving the same goals.
  • The Aston approach: No matter what technique Tamar is using, her hands are always shaped by the influence of Aston-patterning®. That means emphasizing accuracy. Tamar's work involves feeling which areas need to be addressed, superficial or deep, and contacting those places in the most effective way.
  • Active Isolated Stretching: Active Isolated Stretching is a facilitated stretching method developed by Aaron Mattes. This approach involves repetitive and specific targeting of various muscle groups. The "Active" in Active Isolated stretching means that the client is doing a lot of the work in this method. Is it extremely effective in increasing the resting length of the muscle, thereby reducing tension and muscle imbalances. This is a tool that Tamar uses to support her other therapeutic work. Please feel free to contact Tamar for a referral to someone who specializes in this approach.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Lymphatic drainage is an extremely gentle and slow technique which facilitates the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body. This is a tool that Tamar uses to support her other therapeutic work. Please feel free to contact Tamar for a referral to someone who specializes in this approach.

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