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About Neural Manipulation

Nerves are about the most important structure in the body since they are the communication between the primary control, the brain, and everything else. If you are feeling pain, it is the nerves that are reporting this information to the brain. Tension and injury can compress the nerves just as they do other structures. This can result is irritation within the nerve and around the nerves. Then you are in a state where the messages of pain are coming from problems within the nerve itself in addition to the surrounding tissue. More importantly, the original injury or tension can heal, but the nerve can still be compromised and still reporting messages of pain.

Nerves are made up of 50-90% connective tissue or fascia! So, the same fascial work that can address adhesions and restrictions and pain in other areas can also relieve these problems in and around the nerves. Neural manipulation is extremely precise and gentle. Unlike massage, it uses no lubrication and does not involve gliding on the skin. Benefits can include reduction in neck pain, back pain, or any other pain if the issue is irritation in the nerve or the tissue around the nerves.

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