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Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic drainage is a technique widely used in hospitals in Europe to facilitate the movement and flow of lymph fluid in the body. Lymph fluid travels in the body in vessels similar to blood vessels. One big difference being that the heart does not pump lymph. The only thing that moves lymph is the movement of the other structures around the lymph vessels.

The lymph system is a key part of our body's immune system. It consists of fluid, vessels, nodes and organs. The fluid carries plasma and immune cells, such as white blood cells to parts of the body that need them. The nodes and organs, the liver and spleen, act as filters to cleanse the blood of unwanted material.

Any time your body's immune system needs a boost, lymph drainage techniques can be helpful. It is best to come for a lymphatic drainage session after your body is in the most acute stage of whatever you are dealing with. The population most in need of lymphatic drainage are those who have had lymph nodes surgically removed.

Unfortunately, most doctors are unfamiliar with the possible negative effects of regular massage on people who have had lymph nodes removed. Anyone who has had even one lymph node removed is at an increased risk of developing lymphedema for the rest of their life. Lymph drainage techniques are safe to receive if you have had lymph nodes removed, but do not have lymphedema.

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