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About Ergonomics and Movement Coaching

Ergonomics is the science of looking at your environment and designing it to best suit your body. If you are sitting in a car that causes you tension or at a work station that isn’t right for your body, then you are going to have trouble as a result. Tamar will discuss your daily activities with you and try to determine if there are changes that you can make in your environment to better suit your body.

Also, the way you are moving is constantly influencing your tension patterns. How you walk, exercise, do yoga, hold the phone, wash dishes- everything you do is a factor in how your body feels. By working together to explore how you use your body, Tamar can help you move more efficiently and in ways that do not add to your tension or pain.

Oftentimes, when we have pain for any reason, we start to compensate and use our bodies in ways that try to avoid hurting. These compensations can cause problems other than the original pain and may outlast the original injury. It is important to look at our history and see what cumulative factors have shaped the way we move and whether we are currently moving in the best possible way or whether we are stuck in old patterns we no longer need.

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