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About Cranio-sacral Therapy


The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. Surrounding, as well as within these structures, there are layers of connective tissue or fascia. Restrictions can develop in this fascia just as easily as anywhere else in the body. The brain and spinal cord are also bathed in Cerebro-spinal fluid, which ebbs and flows in a rhythmic way (called the cranio-sacral rhythm or the cranial rhythmic impulse).

Cranio-sacral therapy addresses the sutures in the skull to be sure there are no fixations in these bones, which would impede the flow of fluid as well as using various hand holds on the skull or down at the base of the spine to free to the layers of fascia around the Central Nervous System. Cranio-sacral therapy can be used for a variety of intents. Tamar’s work is primarily structural. She is interested in finding and releasing restrictions in the fascia, wherever they may be that are causing unhealthy tensions on the whole system. In turn, these tensions can cause pain and reduced range of motion elsewhere in the body. Unlike massage, Cranio-sacral therapy is very slow and gentle and does not use lubrication to glide over the skin. It can even be done fully clothed.

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