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About Visceral Manipulation

Viscera is another word that refers to your internal organs. Viscera need attention for the same reason that we address every other part of the body; they are wrapped in fascia, or connective tissue. If the fascia around the organs becomes adhered or restricted, it can pull on other things and cause problems locally or in other areas of the body. People often think of tightness in the muscles when they have postural changes or tension and seek massage. However, tightness in the connective tissue can be an even bigger culprit in musculo-skeletal issues.

There are various approaches to working with the viscera and Tamar may employ several of them. For the most part, the approach she uses is an extremely gentle, non-invasive, “indirect” approach. It can feel like not a lot is happening to some people and can feel very relaxing and powerful to others.

An important thing to note about visceral bodywork that Tamar does is that the intent is not necessarily to improve or change the function of the organ. Improved function may be a common side effect of freeing up restrictions in the fascia, but Tamar’s intent is structural release of restrictions. Releasing these restrictions can facilitate changes that have been contributing to pain or reduced range of motion in the back, neck, shoulders, even the lower body.

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